We are here to assist you in scheduling your Notarial Service appointment with a professional you can rely on.  Whether you are in need of having your loan documents notarized or have a need for a simple notarial act, you can call us to schedule a Notary Public to come to you.  We are trained by the National Notary Association and are in compliance with Secretary of State Guide lines. 
Certified as Loan Signing Agents, you can rely on our expertise to effectively assist in the closing of your transaction.  With over 15 years of Banking, Finance and Lending experience, we are competent in the types of transactions that require Notarial acts.

Please note: We only work in the capacity of Notary Public and limit our scope of work to that of the required Notarial service requested.  We are not attorneys and, therefore, cannot give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matters.


Traveling Notary Offices in Los Angeles and Calabasas

For inquiries or appointments:
(818) 687-4407 or (310) 427-9039
email: notary@notarypublicinfo.com